Academic Achievement Center Tutors

(Please See Tutoring Schedule for Specific Classes) 

AAC tutors are outstanding Lawrence Tech undergrad and graduate students. Tutors are hired based on their academic achievement, faculty recommendations, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. AAC tutors have knowledge of the University community and are usually involved in various extracurricular clubs and activities.


Kathm Alismail    Kathm Alsimail - Math, Engineering & Natural Science
Jassem Alkandri    Jassem Alkandri - Math & Engineering
Alex Amos    Alex Amos - English
Laura Bruton Laura Bruton - Natural Science
Patrick Carzon Patrick Carzon - Math & Natural Science
Marianne Debrito Marianne Debrito - Math
Zachary Dereniowski Zachery Dereniowski - Natural Sciences
Josh Dirlam Josh Dirlam - Business
Dane Fernandez Dane Fernadez - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Zach Farrer Zach Farrer - Business
Anna Gagnon Anna Gagnon - Math 
Jose Gonzalez Jose Gonzalez - Computer Science
Marie Klonowski Marie Klonowski - English
Alex Lanzon Alex Lanzon - Business & English
Kirk Markowski Kirk Markowski - English
Matthew McAllister Matthew McAllister - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Mitchell Miklosi Mitchell Miklosi - Architecture
Marissa Mizwa Marissa Mizwa - English
Dana Novak Dana Novak - Math & Natural Science
Tori Pellerito Tori Pellerito - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Karlene Robich Karlene Robich - English
Naim Shandi Naim Shandi - Math
Melissa Sleda Melissa Sleda - Natural Science
Maria Tomaszycki Maria Tomaszycki - Architecture
Carrieann Towne Carrieann Towne - Math & Computer Science
Hayley Walkowski Hayley Walkowski - Math & Natural Science
Dori Watts Dori Watts - Math, Engineering, & Natural Science
Rachel Zhou Rachel Zhou - English