Undergraduate Advising Program

Be cleared for registration first, then clear up financial aid issues later. 

  • All students must be advised and CLEARED by their faculty advisor by Wednesday, APRIL 4, 2018.
  • Registration for the SUMMER and FALL semesters begin Monday, APRIL 9, 2018.
  • Students that have NOT been cleared for advising will have a "HOLD" placed on their registration until they have been CLEARED by their faculty advisor.
  • Check Banner Web for HOLDS.
  • Watch your LTU email to communicate with your advisor AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for ADVISING.


How Do I Contact My Advisor?

ESL students must be advised by their ESL advisor first and then their curriculum advisor second.
Please check the advising posters that can be found outside the UAC, the One Stop Center, and in your college for your assigned advisor. 
Thank you.



Castelli, Patty M309B 248-204-3066 pcastelli@ltu.edu
Caushaj, Eralda M318 248-204-3070 ecaushaj@ltu.edu
Cole, Matthew M316 248-204-3096 mcole@ltu.edu
Hsiao, Shih-Hui (Steven) M309C 248-204-3095 shsiao@ltu.edu
Hudnall, Merissa M331 248-204-3056 mhudnall@ltu.edu
Janes, Stefanie M331 248-204-3089 sjanes@ltu.edu
Jena, Minakhi M331 248-204-3071 mjena@ltu.edu
Kohnke, Anne M320 248-204-3085 akohnke@ltu.edu
Ku, Justin M309A 248-204-3069 cku@ltu.edu
Raghavan, Srikant M315 248-204-3072 sraghavan@ltu.edu
Stavros, Jackie M314 248-204-3063 jstavros@ltu.edu
Tsebro, Pavlo M314B 248-204-3073 ptsebro@ltu.edu
Tuo, Ling M308B 248-204-3079 ltuo@ltu.edu
Verma, Swati M12A 248-204-3082 sverma@ltu.edu
Zhang, Yu (Tony) M319 248-204-3065 yzhang4@ltu.edu
Zhu, John M325 248-204-3058 jzhu@ltu.edu
Donna Kress dkress@ltu.edu