Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art
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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art offered at Lawrence Technological University is a project-focused multi-disciplinary program. It not only provides students with the tools and skills needed to succeed in the field of Game Design, but has graduates hitting the ground running with full-fledged game releases before graduation.

Throughout their Sophomore and Junior years, students take an Integrated Game Studio sequence that acts as a platform for professional practice, bringing together the University's disciplines in order to produce and release games within the curriculum itself.

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The Game Art program curriculum employs an industry-applicable approach that includes art asset creation, asset integration, defining narrative and storytelling techniques and collaborative development practices between artists and programmers within the Game Software Development program under the Arts & Sciences College at Lawrence Technological University. Students are tasked with using critical thinking skills as they visually communicate concepts, analyze industry trends, and apply design principles and patterns to their work that is encouraged to be focused on their individual talents and interests in the multi-faceted field.

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