Pellerin Travel Fellowship

The Architecture and Design Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lawrence Technological University (ADC AA LTU) has established a fellowship in honor of Earl W. Pellerin, FAIA, Hon.DArch’63, who served on the faculty for 42 years, 1932-74, was the first professor of architecture, and was the founding Dean of the College of Architecture and Design. Educated in the Beaux Arts tradition, Dr. Pellerin firmly believed that travel was an important part of an architect’s education. To honor his memory, the ADC AA LTU awards a travel and study stipend annually to a meritorious graduate student.

Students are nominated for the Fellowship annually, in the summer, by graduate architecture design faculty.

Eligibility and Selection

Nominated students must have completed (or be in the process of completing) the Practice Portfolio course ARC 6833 in the school year immediately preceding the summer request for nominations.

All nominated students are invited to submit a proposal for the Fellowship grant. Proposals are submitted to the Associate Chair for presentation to the ADC AA LTU. The ADC AA LTU Pellerin Selection Committee and the Chair of the Department of Architecture will review the proposals. The Pellerin Travelling Fellowship is awarded to the student who, in the view of the Selection Committee, has presented the best proposal.


Proposals, no more than ten pages in length, should consist of all written and graphic information needed to describe the travel and study proposal. Proposals must be submitted, in pdf format only, no later than 5:00 p.m., September 15, 2019 by email to the Associate Chair of the Department of Architecture with the subject line “Pellerin Submittal_student’s last name.” The proposals must include the following information:

  • An explanation of the issues that the nominee wishes to investigate during the travel period and the format and method of the investigation
  • The location or locations that the nominee wishes to visit
  • The people, institutions, offices, sites, and/or buildings that the nominee intends to visit and their relevance to the subject of study
  • A description of the anticipated value of the travel study
  • A brief, draft outline of a lecture that the nominee would expect to present at LTU upon travel completion. It is understood that the presentation will be revised significantly after the Fellowship travel is completed.

Completing the Fellowship

The Fellowship grant will be $3,000.00 for travel/study. All funds must be used for qualified expenses for the fellowship or returned to the endowment. It is the recipient’s responsibility to keep a log and receipts for expenses. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the award will be presented to the recipient in advance of travel with the balance of twenty-five percent (25%) presented upon return and fulfillment of the remaining criteria and submittal of the record of expenses.

The Fellowship recipient's final travel and study proposal, revised as needed, must be submitted to and approved by both the Dean of the College and the Chair of the Department of Architecture prior to commencement of the travel and issuance of 75% of the award.

The Fellow must conclude his or her travel and study experience within six months of the public award announcement. However, this time period may be extended by the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design if there are extenuating circumstances.

In the event that the fellowship recipient cannot fulfill the requirements of the award within the six-month time period described, an alternate Fellowship recipient may be identified by the selection committee.

The Fellow must present the results of his or her learning experience in a lecture presentation at the College of Architecture and Design in the academic year immediately following the travel experience, typically in the fall semester, one year after the announcement of the fellowship.

Past Winners

    • 2018 – Simon Eltayar – Proposal
    • 2017 – Erik Knauss - LectureProposal
    • 2016 – Emily Matt - Lecture Proposal
    • 2015 – Breck Crandell & Brean Bush - LectureProposal
    • 2014 – Megan Martin Campbell – Proposal
    • 2013 – Christopher Davis – Proposal
    • 2012 – Eric Klooster – Proposal
    • 2011 – Priya Iyer
    • 2010 – Alina Chelaidite
    • 2009 – Wilfred Marenco
    • 2008 – Doris Markl Grose
    • 2007 – Amanda Gorning
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