Life Sciences - A degree in chemical biology or molecular and cell biology can lead to a wide variety of careers. Graduates can apply for “green collar” jobs in alternative energy industries or new occupations that are developing in personalized medicine.

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Psychology - Matt Cole, director of the psychology program, explains why a bachelor of science degree in psychology opens up many career opportunities. The pre-med track can lead to med school or the pharmaceutical industry. The industrial/organizational track can lead to jobs in management and human resources, while the clinical track opens up job opportunities in schools, clinical care facilities and health organizations. 

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Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Biology - Professors Anthony Sky and Ronald Foster discuss the exciting career opportunities that await graduates of new degree programs in biomedical engineering and chemical biology. Sky, who chairs the Department of Natural Sciences, and Foster, the director of the biomedical engineering program, said the new degree programs are a response to exciting developments in the life sciences sector.

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Media Communication Degree Program - Suzanne Levine, former director of the Media Communication degree program, explains how the new bachelor’s degree emphasizes theory and ethics in addition to a hands-on understanding of media technology. A firm foundation in media communications will help graduates adapt quickly to new opportunities in a rapidly changing profession.

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Robotics - Former math/cs dept. chair David Bindschadler talks about World Robofest, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competitions and the increased application of robotics in vehicles and the home. Steve Kryskalla, computer science student explains his work programming a robotic dog to play a Robocup soccer game.

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