The need for information technology (IT) professionals and executives continues to grow as companies become ever more globally integrated and dependent upon the reliable and rapid transfer of data. Opportunities in IT are expected to expand well into the next decade by as much as 36 percent. Technological advancements in hardware and software will continue to increase the competition in hiring qualified IT professionals with technical and managerial expertise.

As an information technology specialist, you will design computing solutions that provide companies, nonprofit organizations, and government entities with the information they need to achieve their goals. By employing computer systems to implement and improve the way organizations work, you can combine your knowledge of computing and enterprises to bridge the gap between technical and business specialties.

Obtaining a degree in IT will open doors to many exciting opportunities in a variety of fields. As you develop strong leadership and problem-solving skills as an IT manager, you can easily transition from one industry to another.

Being a recruiter, I know first-hand how hard it is to find qualified candidates. When I receive a resume that lists Lawrence Tech, I can be confident that the candidate has the tools to confidently enter the work force with technical skill. Lawrence Tech offers such a wide variety of courses and concentrations that it has become a first stop for me when seeking top-notch technical and creative talent.– Brett Nicholson, Recruiter, Vectorform

85% of incoming undergrad students receive financial aidThe Lawrence Technological University Bachelor of Science in Information Technology includes course work in database design, systems analysis, technical infrastructure, project management, information systems management, telecommunications, and general business. Class sizes are small, courses meet once a week, and you will explore various information technology topics through Lawrence Tech's online collaboration tools and the Internet.

As you approach your senior year, you will select a concentration in systems design, infrastructure, or software applications. This specialization will give you the opportunity to apply the theory you have learned in your course work with current technologies available in the workplace. You will acquire a valuable skill set that can be applied at your first day on the job.

Other Benefits

    • Day, evening, and online courses make it convenient for you as a working professional. 
    • The core liberal arts curriculum cultivates critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and decision-making skills that benefit you and society 
    • Interdisciplinary courses provide opportunities in exposure to architecture, engineering, the sciences, and the humanities
    • Community college students can transfer up to 75 credits
  • Get real business experience in and out of the classroom through participation in on-campus activities and professional honors societies.
  • Receive admission to the Honors Program if admission requirements are met.
  • Use electives to tailor the degree around a student’s career goals.
  • With appropriate academic qualifications, earn early admission to the MBA or MSIT program.
  • Learn from an outstanding faculty with extensive industry and academic experience.
  • Participate in small classes that encourage team building and personal interaction with instructors and peers.
  • Gain expert advising from faculty members; maximizing opportunities at Lawrence Tech and creating a path for success after graduation.
  • Earn a bachelor’s degree with 60 additional hours if associate degree has been obtained.
  • Complete the junior and senior year requirements in the classroom or online.
  • Provide meaningful feedback and receive professional mentoring through the College of Business and Information Technology Student Advisory Board.
  • Take advantage of valuable internship opportunities.
  • Participate in a network of links to professional organizations and industrial partners.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Flyer  PDF
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Flowchart  PDF

Your 120-credit-hour program consists of:

First Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 1103 College Composition 3
MCS 1074 Precalculus 4
INT 2103 IT Management (required) 3
MGT 2203 Principles of Management (required) 3
   TOTAL 13

Second Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
COM 2103 Tech. and Prof. Communication 3
LTT 1213 World Masterpieces 1 3
MCS 1224 Survey of Calculus 4
INT 2114 Fundamentals of Programming for Business 4
XXX3 Natural Science 1 3
   TOTAL 17

First Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
LLT 1223 World Masterpieces 2 3
MCS 2124 Statistics 3
INT 2134 Introduction to Business Programming JAVA 3
INT 3203 Computer Networks I 4
XXX3 Open Elective (1000-4000 Level) 3
   TOTAL 17

Second Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
INT 2143 Database Systems I 3
INT 2123 Web Design 3
SSC 2413 Foundation of the American Experience 3
XXX4 Natural Science 2 with Lab 3
XXX3 Open Elective (1000-4000 Level) 4
   TOTAL 16

First Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
SSC 2423 Development of the American Experience 3
INT 3603 Human Computer Interaction 3
INT 3803 Database Systems II 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
XXX3 Open Elective (1000-4000 Level) 3
   TOTAL 15

Second Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
INT 3703 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3
INT 4013 Computer Networks II 0
INT 4023 Cybersecurity 3
COM 3000 Writing Proficiency Exam 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
XXX3 Open Elective (1000-4000 Level) 3



First Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
INT 4203 Systems Analysis and Design 3
MGT 3103 Project Management 3
LLT/SSC/PSY Junior/Senior Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
   TOTAL 15

Second Semester

Course Number Subject Cr. Hrs.
INT 4303 IT Capstone 3
COM Junior/Senior Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
IT/MGT Focused Elective (3000/4000 Level) 3
   TOTAL 12

Classes begin each August, January, and May. The Office of Admissions should receive completed application packages no later than two weeks before start of classes. The application package includes:

  • Completed and signed application form.
  • High School diploma or GED equivalent reflecting a minimum GPA of 2.00.
  • An official copy of the American College Test (ACT) or the Standard Achievement Test (SAT) scores.
  • Official transcript from every college or university attended.
  • Application fee.
  • Results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam for applicants whose native language is other than English. This requirement is waived for international students holding degrees from colleges and universities in countries where English is the native language.


Transfer Admission Requirements 

  • A completed application for admission and non-refundable fee.
  • Official transcripts sent from each institution to Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions.
  • A minimum GPA in the following categories:
    • Students with 30 or more semester hours completed are required to have a minimum of a 2.00 GPA.
    • Students with less than 30 hours completed at another institution must also submit official high school transcripts and meet the freshman requirements above.

Lawrence Tech has entered into agreements with several area community colleges, which establish in advance which community college courses may be applied to earn a Lawrence Tech degree. 

Transfer students pursuing a baccalaureate degree are expected to complete a minimum of 60 hours of junior and senior level course work, a minimum of 30 hours of which must be taken at Lawrence Tech.

For more information about LTU's admission policies for transfer students, visit the Office of Admissions' webpage.
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Additional Credit
All transfer credits are subject to the review of the program director or dean of the College. Questions concerning credit evaluations and any appeal for additional credit must be resolved by the Office of Admissions within the first semester of enrollment.

ROTC/Military Credit
Credit earned in the Reserve Officers Training Corp and credit for military training may be applied toward degree work in several Lawrence Tech programs, and will be considered according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education. Contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

Other Forms of Additional Credit
High school students may earn credit by achieving satisfactory results on Advanced Placement examinations (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) higher-level (HL) exams.

Credit may also be obtained by taking subject examinations offered through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP information is available through local libraries and the Office of Admissions.

Courses offered by non-collegiate organizations will be considered for credit only if they have received credit recommendation from the National Program on Non-Collegiate Sponsored Instruction (National PONSI). Transfer credit will be considered on an individual basis. In all cases, students are required to demonstrate that they had the appropriate academic preparation for the non-collegiate course at the time it was taken.

No more than 30 semester hours of credit will be accepted from the sources listed above. A request for credit from these sources must be resolved with the Admissions Office within the first semester of enrollment. Credit for PONSI and military courses will not be shown on the students’ transcript until all other requirements for the degree have been met. Students will not receive credit from the above sources if the work is carried out while they are enrolled at Lawrence Tech or during the summer between terms of enrollment. Any exceptions will require prior written permission of the Credit Review Committee.

students workingFor more information, including information for transfer and international students contact Lawrence Tech's Office of Admissions at 800.CALL.LTU or or contact one of the College of Business and Information Technology student relationship advisors at 248.204.3050 | email

Graduates with a degree in Information Technology have many career options:

Education5,000+ Jobs posted annually
Product Support
Technical Writing
Systems, business, or network analysis
Website Administration