minor in business administration

Any job you take can be traced back to an entrepreneur who started the business.
A minor in business shows you the world of enterprise which brings people together with a new mission. This minor equips you with technical skills with an appreciation of what it takes to make an enterprise grow and succeed.

You will gain a new outlook on how motivating and leading people is the key to effective management, and also of experience risk-taking. Employers value workers who can visualize the bigger picture and context of each individual job. Your minor in business administration will let employers know you are ready to join a team.


Minor in Business Administration Flyer  PDF

Course Number Subject Credit Hours
MGT 2203 Principles of Management 3
MGT 2113 Introduction to Business Law 3
MKT 2013 Principles of Marketing 3
ACC 2013 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
SSC 2303 Principles of Economics I 3
HRM 3023 Human Resource Management 3
   TOTAL 18

Consult with your advisor to determine the best way to coordinate this minor with the requirements of your major curriculum.