Molecules in Medicine

How are molecules used to create new medicines? In this summer camp, you will participate in the preparation of several common pharmaceutical drugs. You will learn about their origins and analyze them using modern instrumentation. You will also study their medicinal uses through fascinating toxicity and antibacterial testing activities. An opportunity to discuss different medically-related career paths with a health professions advisor will be included, as well as an exciting field trip to a medical simulations laboratory at a local hospital.

Max. number of students: 14

Graphic Design Studio

Graphic design is all around us, whether the logo of your home-town team, a poster of your favorite band or the icons on your phone. This camp will emulate a real-world studio environment where you’ll use industry-standard techniques and software to create a portfolio-ready creative project. Under the guidance of design professionals, you’ll learn graphic design tools and techniques, such as typography, composition, image-making and color theory. You will also visit local design firms and hear guest talks from industry professionals.

Max. number of students: 20

Design 101

"Design" is embedded in all facets of life. It shapes the built environment in which we live, work and play. In this hands-on studio, you will explore how specific design processes might create a world that is more thoughtful, sustainable and sensitive. Anticipate touching on the core principles of design and basic elements of art as you explore real-life situations in the designed world. You will experience, firsthand, how fundamental design principles can be applied, to foster great impact in your work.  The content of the studio is supported by visiting artists, in-class critiques, and field experiences, including a trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts and more.

Max. number of students: 20

Architectural Engineering: Imagine a world where People, Planet and Places are Healthy, Sustainable and Resilient

Looking to go green? Want to reduce energy use and preserve our natural resources? Take your artistic skills, creativity, imagination, and interest in architecture, engineering, and the building sciences to the next level by learning how to create a more sustainable world. Architectural engineers design high-performing buildings that are durable, safe, healthy, and economical. Hands-on projects, group activities, and field trips to a green building site and an architectural engineering office are just a few of the fun activities planned for you! A final project will cap off this exciting week of learning and collaboration.

Max. number of students: 20


Want to explore the human mind, see how the brain works, and learn about the secrets of our behavior? In this camp you’ll conduct experiments in human perception, memory, consciousness, language, and social behavior using current research techniques and high-tech devices. You’ll learn about behavioral conditioning by training animals to perform specific actions in controlled experimental situations. You’ll also be introduced to the main techniques for treating psychological problems so that you can play the role of a clinical psychologist.

Max. number of students: 20

Mathematics in Action

Have you ever wondered how a phone keeps your data secret? Why some patterns in nature repeat over and over on smaller and smaller scaled? How sports teams know which plays to select in the draft? Mathematical models provide a quantitative platform for understanding, predicting, and decision making in nearly every aspect of life. You'll explore the power of mathematics to solve real-life problems through hands on, thought provoking projects and in-depth discussions. With your fellow campers, you'll also tackle open-ended modeling problems, develop practical solutions, and present your results.

Max. number of students: 25