Game Art: Game Studio
In this camp, you will create a full-fledged game prototype that will be published on a digital marketplace and critiqued by local game developers. Students are recommended to have experience in Unity or other game engines (or have attended the Game Art: Fundamentals in Character and World Development summer camp session). Working alone or within a team-based, collaborative setting, you’ll assume the roles of designer, programmer, and artist, discovering your talents, interests, and focus. Over the course of the camp, you will develop a game prototype, marketing materials and record footage for the title as part of a mini-Game Art portfolio.

Max. number of students: 20
Shark Tank Entrepreneurship Camp: Learn How to Build a Business
Want to explore the world of business and creating new businesses? In this camp, you'll work in teams to develop a plan for a new business, and at the end of the week, you'll present your plan to a "Shark Tank" panel of mock investors. In this hands-on experience you'll learn about management and marketing, finance (including costs, profit, and equity), information technology and cybersecurity, leadership and strategy, global issues in business, sustainability, and business ethics.

Max. number of students: 20
Managing your Money
Have you ever wondered if buying a car is better than leasing one? Whether it's better to rent a home than own one? How to use credit cards and other loans effectively? How to manage your savings and investments for a wealthy and financially secure future?? IN this interactive camp, you'll learn to apply the tools and skills you need to make wise financial decisions, from daily choices to acquiring the discipline to make long-term decisions.

Max. number of students: 20
Science Fiction Writing and Film
Do you have a passion for science and technology? Do you wonder about its limits and consequences? Combine your interest in science with your creative curiosity in this camp that offers the rare chance to work exclusively with science fiction literature and film. We will explore the founding principles of science fiction, read classic and modern stories, and view films central to the genre. Whether you are new to science fiction or a longtime fan, this camp is for you!

Max. number of students: 20
Electrical and Computer Engineering
This hands-on camp covers the basics of electrical and computer engineering. Topics covered include basic computer programming, understanding how a computer works, and learning electronic components, including transducers. You will walk away with an Arduino-based kit, a digital-multi meter, electronic components, and a game project, which they will have programmed and soldered themselves. By the end of this camp, you will have had hands-on experience with the C programming language, reading schematics, constructing circuit boards, and testing for functionality.

Max. number of students: 20
Robotics Summer Camp II (Advanced Level)
Do you want to dive into robotics? If you are familiar with robots and have built one, if you have been involved in robotics competitions (like FIRST) before or if you have been in the “Beginner level” camp (last week camp), this one is for you to acquire higher skills. The goal of this camp is to expand your knowledge in robotics by designing, building and programming more sophisticated and autonomous robots. You will build an autonomous vehicle in a team, make the electronics, use various sensors, integrate them into your code, and learn how to program the robot to operate autonomously and deliver the desired goals. You will work in a team and have your robot to compete in the last day of the camp. You then will receive all the required pieces to build your own robot at home. (Note: if you want to start learning about robotics, we recommend you to first attend our first robotics camp (the one we offer a week before this camp) and then attend this one to get the most out of our camps.)

Max. number of students: 15