The Electric Motorcycle Racing Team is the newest competition team at Lawrence Technological University. The team will be fundraising a total of $30,000 in order to complete design ,manufacturing, testing, and racing for the 2018-19 season. Although not a part of Blue Devil Motorsports, the Electric Motorcycle Racing Team consists of six former Blue Devil Motorsports team members, as well as three underclassmen engineering students, and one senior transportation design student. Lawrence Tech’s eMoto Racing Team will be competing in the eMoto Varsity Challenge – 125V Class, at the New Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, New Jersey.


eMoto Varsity Challenge

The eMotoRacingSM series is the premier zero emissions motorcycle road racing series in the US. The eMotoRacingSM was established in 2014 to fill the demand for a zero-emissions motorcycle racing series that would demonstrate advanced and compact e-superbike technology and excitement. Though the fortunes of research, development, manufacturing and testing are unpredictable. Competing University teams in this series include Rochester Institute of Tech, Virginia Tech, Penn State, University of Calgary, Sherbrooke University in Quebec, Ohio State and University of Michigan. Other programs such as Lawrence Techs are in their infancy.

Along with the students’ vast experience in motorsports competitions, the team recently contracted a public figure in the motorcycle racing world, Elliot Hayward, to compete as the motorcycle racer. Elliot is more commonly known under his YouTube handle, Snowcat. Elliot has been riding for seven years and has amassed close to a quarter million kilometers.

Throughout that journey he has been his sharing the experience on his wildly popular YouTube Channel, Snowcat, gaining over 145 million views and 830,000 subscribers. He loves riding at the race track and looks forward to starting a new chapter with the electric motorcycle team in its developing, testing, and racing!

The Electric Motorcycle Racing Team is looking to fund their motorcycle design, manufacturing, and competition fees for the upcoming racing season. If you are either interested in donating to the team or simply finding out more information on them, please click on the link below.

Campaign coming September 2018

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