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Blackboard Canvas Difference in Canvas
Announcements Select Announcement menu. Select Create Announcement Announcements
  • Select Announcements menu
  • Select +Announcements
  • Enter title, text. Add attachment
  • Delay posting (add “post” date)
  • Announcements are sent through Notifications to students
Faculty Information Select Faculty Info menu N/A Although not menu tab, info is included in the Syllabus template for editing
Syllabus Select Faculty Info menu, Build Content, Syllabus Submit Syllabus
  • Select Syllabus (Preloaded Syllabus template already added per College)
  • Select Edit
  • Update Syllabus
Course Documents Select Course Documents menu, Build Content, select File or Item, Upload Submit Files
  • My Files: Personal files-Account, Files, MyFiles, Upload. Can also select Course
  • Course Files: Specific courses; Files, +Folder, +Upload
  • Group Files: Files specific to Groups
  • Imported content is saved to Files
How to: Add Course Content
Assignments Select menu area, Assessments, Test, Survey, Assignment Details (Individual, Safe Assignment, Attempts) etc. Submit Assignments
  • Assignments, +Assignments
  • Assignment Name, instructions/text, #, Points
  • Submission Type: Online (submit through Canvas, option for VeriCite (anti-plagiarism checking)
  • Group submission: Group
  • Due Date (Adding a Due Date will add student’s calendar!)
  • Save/Publish (make available)
N/A Attendance Manually, create Grade Center column Attendance
  • Attendance (course):
  • List icon: mark all present, select specific students
  • Class: create seating chart (drag/drop). Take Attendance.
  • Settings: Set lateness %; download attendance report
Email Control Panel, Course Tools, Send Email. No history Inbox Click “quill” icon (Compose Message); Click Select; Subject. Message (can add attachments and/or record audio/video message. Message history in Canvas mail
Discussion Board d Discussion Board, Create Forum, create threads, reply to forums / threads Discussions Select Discussions, +Discussion to add Select options such as post first options such as view/filter posts. Other options available from course Settings such as: Allow file attachments, create new discussion topics and be allowed to edit their posts
Grade Center Control Panel, Grade Center Grades / SpeedGrader
  • Select Grades (Canvas grades columns cannot be created manually - must create an assignments)
  • Columns can be rearranged drag/drop
  • Exportable and Imported from CSV file (Excel)
  • SpeedGrader: Click down arrow to right of column to Comment, add Rubric and grade SpeedGrader, audio/video) feedback
  • Student “What IF Grade” option
Documents, Weeks, Modules Content menu tabs Modules
  • Individual modules (like folders) can be called anything you want, example: Week 1, Chapter 1, Unit 1, etc.
  • No layering of content in Modules (no folders inside of folders)
  • Drag & drop individual content items and entire modules
  • Easily and quickly set prerequisites so students have to go through course content in a certain order.
Help Ehelp website documentation Help
  • eHelp website
  • Search Canvas guides (guides are actually useful)
  • Report a problem (24/7 support)
  • Ask the Community if you want you can ask the entire Canvas community a question
  • Request a feature is there a feature you’d like to see in Canvas
Test Pools Control Panel, Tests, Surveys, Pools Question Banks Quizzes, (cog wheel, Manage Questions Banks) No single repository for all your question banks but you can “bookmark” if you want to use in multiple courses: Bookmark Questions Bank in a Course
Tests, Quizzes Menu area, Assessments, Tests Quizzes +Quiz, Name, Quiz Type = Graded Quiz, Practice Quiz, Graded Survey, Ungraded Survey (no Grade column created). Save (Save/Publish)