Managing Your DUO Devices

To see instructions for managing your DUO devices click here, or follow the instructions below.

For more information please visit:

To manage your Duo settings and devices, go to


Select the My Settings & Devices link on the left hand side. If an automatic Duo authentication was already in
progress, first cancel it from the button on the bottom.



Before settings and devices can be managed, Duo authentication must be performed to prove your identity.
Select an authentication device and method, and authenticate with Duo.


Once authenticated, you will see options to add another device, modify current device options, and change the
default behavior when you log in.


It is recommended to set the log in behavior to “Ask me to choose an authentication method”. This ensures
that pushes are not sent without your approval, and allows flexibility to choose different methods as needed.


If you have changed phones or reinstalled the Duo Mobile app, and the phone number has remained the same,
it can be reactivated under the Device Options button. If the device number has also changed, please contact
the LTU help desk for assistance.


If there are multiple devices added to your account, the default device can be changed. Using the Duo Mobile
app on a mobile phone is recommended for ease of use, and provides additional functionality. Methods
involving calls and SMS texts also incur additional costs to the university.


When finished, click the save icon on the bottom and close the browser tab.