DUO Two-Factor Authentication

In our efforts to provide continuing cyber security improvements, LTU has implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) on several different systems for LTU resources using a new service call DUO.  For information regarding 2FA authentication, please see the following website:  https://duo.com/product/trusted-users/two-factor-authentication.  

In recent months, data breaches are being reported from all different sectors of industry, education and government simply due to user IDs and passwords being stolen.  This new security enhancement will provide a second form of authentication and aimed at protecting LTU along with your personal information from being compromised

LTU has had available two-factor authentication on Google Mail for quite some, and many have taken advantage of the advanced security it provides.  Many home financial systems may also require this functionality. This new service will provide two-factor authentication on many of our other proprietary and business critical applications, including VPN, Banner Forms, etc.

DUO Installation Instructions

To download the DUO installation instructions please click here.

DUO Device Management

For instructions on DUO Device Management please click here.