Using Google+ Hangouts

Getting started with Google Hangouts does involve a few initial steps such as:

  1. Enable your Google+ (Google Plus) account
  2. Install Google+ Hangout Plug-In (Google audio/video plug-in)
  3. Test and get familiar with Google Hangout options and interface and
  4. Invite attendees to join!

OPTIONAL: Need to record your Hangout Session?  Use YouTube Live (see directions below)

Take a few minutes and view the video that will take you through the steps to get the most out of your Google Hangout session!!


"Hangouts On Air" is now" YouTube Live"

Google "Hangouts on Air" has now become YouTube Live. You can still record your live event while showing at the same time. The steps may be different but results will be the same. Getting started with the "new" hangout is really as easy as "A, B, C" as listed below.

  1. Go to Sign in to LTU email account and YouTube. Select New Event
    1. Takes you to the Basic tab, type in name and time (start Hangout Now or schedule for future date/time)
    2. Set for Unlisted (default is Public)
    3. Use Quick Hangouts on air (default)
    4. Click Advanced settings tab, scroll to Recording and select "Automatically make Archive unlisted" option.
  2. Scroll down and now click "Go Live Now"
  3. In the Hangout, invite or get shareable link. Click Start Broadcast, recording starts. When completed, select Stop Broadcast.  Close the session and the recording resides in Video Manager



Google Support Web Page link