• Panopto Lecture Capture allows you to record and capture PowerPoint presentations, video, screen and audio that can be shared in Canvas
  • You have the option to create your recordings either “Online” (connected to Internet) or Offline (*no Internet connection)
    • Online: The recording will upload immediately to the selected folder when you stop and complete the recording
    • Offline: Your recording will save locally under the Offline Recordings area. You decide when to upload the recording

Install Panopto recorder

Before you can record using Panopto ensure you have downloaded and installed the Panopto Recorder locally.

You can download the recorder from Canvas

Course navigation, click on Panopto Recordings (instructor must have enabled).

Click Create; Record a new session. If you do not have Panopto installed, select download. Once downloaded, install the panoptorecorder.exe file. When finished, Panopto will open and is ready for you to begin.

  1. Create New Recording The screen (tab) when Panopto is started. Additional selectable tabs for Manage Recordings and Settings
  2. Displays login information showing that you are logged into Canvas.
  3. Session Settings
    • Folder: select the down arrow to the right and select the folder for your course/recording
    • Name: Type in a specific name; e.g., “Assignment 1 recording username
  4. Primary sources: what Panopto will capture – Video (webcam), Audio, and Quality.
  5. Secondary sources: PowerPoint (check) and/or Main Screen (check) tabs for each capture source
  6. Record/Pause/Stop: Ready? click the “Record” button to start the recorder.

Create Recording

USE Hot Keys to control recording and allow you to record/pause/stop without toggling back/forth to recorder





F8 key

F9 key

F10 key





  • Open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to record then start Panopto, on the PowerPoint tab select the box to “Start presenting when recording start
  • Click the red “Record” button, the presentation will start in “slideshow” view, begin recording
  • When completed, use the F10 (hot key) to stop the presentation and recorder
  • From the “Recording Complete” screen, you can click either Delete and Record Again or Upload, if neither is chosen Panopto will upload automatically after a minute.

Uploading Recording to Server

The Recording Status screen opens, if default options are set to Online Recording, lecture will upload to the selected Folder Name and display a progress screen.