In order to make LTU's network environment as secure and safe as possible, LTU uses an authentication service for our LTU Network Wi-Fi and our hardline networks across campus. SafeConnect has been in production on our wireless network for over 5 years, protecting our network and devices from potential threats (including malware, viruses and nefarious hacking), and has been adopted as a secure method for using the internet across all connections types.

LTU-provided devices should already have the component required to access the internet on campus. You will periodically have to re-authenticate the device. To do so, just open and internet browser, and navigate to a non-secured website (i.e., Your browser should automatically re-direct you to the SafeConnect portal: Just enter in your normal LTU network/computer credentials and submit. As long as your credentials are correct, you will be presented with LTU’s main website. You can now browse the internet as normal.

If your computer does not already have the client installed, your internet browser should automatically redirect you to the SafeConnect portal ( Please follow the instructions below.

Installation Instructions

Please sign in with your normal network/computer credentials (see picture below). 

SafeConnect Instructions 1

NOTE: If your computer already has the policy installed, you will redirect automatically to the main LTU website ( ). Your device is ready to browse the internet.

Your browser will display the page below. Please click on the "Yes, I will install the Policy Key and accept the terms and conditions for Acceptable Use" link to download the policy 

  SafeConnect Instructions 2

SafeConnect Instructions 3

Next, double-click the file downloaded. If you are prompted, please allow the installer to run.


SafeConnect Instructions 4

SafeConnect Instructions 5

Once installed, you should then be able to access the internet as normal. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance installing, please contact the Help Desk at or 248-204-2330.