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 Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Hello, are you available?

Karl Daubmann
College of Architecture and Design

Dean + Professor

The values of craft, materiality, and technology were all tangible in the graphics and fabrication shop where Daubmann grew up. He learned how to operate a boom crane and use computer-controlled equipment long before he could drive a car. With over 30 years of CAD / CAM experience, Daubmann makes no distinction between the computer, a crane, robots or a pencil. He views all of these elements as extensions of the body, able to amplify a designer’s dexterity and all products of the cultures from which they emerge.
Karl Daubmann is the Dean and Professor at the College of Architecture and Design at Lawrence Technological University.  He has taught design and seminars in digital media, robotic fabrication, construction, and multidisciplinary design. Daubmann has taught at the University of Michigan where he was the Associate Dean for Post Professional Degrees and Technology Engagement.  He has also held visiting appointments at Roger Williams University, the University of Cincinnati, and at the Boston Architectural College as the Sasaki Distinguished Visiting Professor.
Daubmann received his bachelor of architecture from Roger Williams University and a master of science in architectural studies from Massachusetts Institute of Technology where his concentration was in design computing.  Daubmann is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome and won the Founder’s Prize in 2015.  His research while in residence in Rome was focused on construction geometry related to the Baroque.
Daubmann is a registered architect with a record of distinguished projects inspired and driven by his interests in design technology, manufacturing, and multidisciplinary design. Daubmann began the DAUB research studio in 2012 as a means to focus on those same preoccupations and to develop work to push the disciplinary limits of those interests. DAUB is both an acronym for design, architecture, urbanism, and building and a reference to one of the oldest forms of composite construction (wattle and daub). 
Daubmann served as the Vice President of Design and Creative Director for Blu Homes. In this capacity Daubmann oversaw product development and project design from offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Ann Arbor while in direct conversation with marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing. In this capacity he led a creative and multidisciplinary team to develop modern, green, prefab houses that fold for shipping across North America.