From bridges and highways to airports and power plants, entire cities depend on the expertise of engineers. Their problem-solving skills are essential to planning, designing, and constructing the modern infrastructures on which society depends. 

And while civil engineers and architects design the structures, it is the job of the construction engineer to transform those plans into realities. Having knowledge of business management and an understanding of the law are crucial when it comes to bringing projects to completion in an efficient and effective manner.

Master of Construction Engineering ManagementThe Master of Construction Engineering Management at Lawrence Technological University is a unique and innovative program offered in collaboration between the College of Engineering and the College of Management. The curriculum, focused on business and law, reflects a growing trend to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and create new areas of specialization. This well-rounded education, embracing Lawrence Tech’s motto of theory and practice, can help prepare you for leadership positions within the construction industry.
Throughout your studies, you will learn to use mathematics, science, and engineering to analyze problems and design construction processes. In addition, you will learn the concepts of construction engineering and the principles of business management. The synthesis of these two fields provides you with a highly specialized and marketable combination of skills. Lawrence Tech’s Master of Construction Engineering Management  also stresses advanced computer and communication skills, as well as the importance of professionalism and ethics – all essential to success in any field.

Your 30-credit-hour program consists of:

Core Courses 15 credit hours
ECE 5113 Sustainable Construction Practices 3
ECE 5213 Principles of Design-Build Project Delivery 3
ECE 5223 Techniques of Project Planning and Control 3
ECE 5243 Fundamentals of Construction Accounting & Finance 3
ECE 5273 Construction Law 3
Elective Courses 15 credit hours
Choose from the following:  
ECE 5103 Applied Geographic Information Systems 3
ECE 5233 Advanced Construction Techniques and Methods 3
ECE 5263 Construction Safety Management 3
ECE 5283 Conceptual Estimating 3
ECE 5293 Special Topics in Construction Engineering 3
ECE 5353 Environmental Management 3
ECE 5823 Pavement Management Systems 3
ECE 5913 Graduate Directed Study 3
ECE 5923 Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Content Dependent) 3
ECE 6113 Concrete Engineering 3
ECE 6213 Issues in Integrated Engineering Management 3
MBA 6043 Global Leadership 3
Total Credit Hours  30

In addition to the above electives, a maximum of two electives may be chosen from other graduate programs in civil engineering or related fields within the College of Engineering, with prior approval from the program director.

Admission to Lawrence Tech’s Master of Construction Engineering Management program is competitive and requires:

1.  Submission of the Application for Graduate Admission;

2.  A bachelor of science degree in civil engineering (or other related field) from an ABET-accredited college or university.

3.  A minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

4.  Official transcripts of all college work;

5.  One letter of recommendation, preferably from employer or professor;

6.  A professional resume.

Although not required, additional documents recommended include; additional recommendation letters and a statement of purpose discussing what the applicant plans to do with the degree and why the university was chosen. The director of the civil engineering graduate programs (or program director) may allow provisional admission to applicants who do not meet all conditions for regular admission.
Construction Engineering ManagementFor more information, contact Lawrence Tech’s Office of Admissions at 800.225.5588 or

For specific questions regarding the Master of Construction Engineering Management program, call 248.204.2556.
You can also receive the same rigorous education we provide in our campus program fully online. Receive your Master of Construction Engineering Management flexibly -- while working full-time -- from the same prestigious, industry expert faculty who teach on our ground campus.

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