Certification Requirements
The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Density Control and Inspection Manual states that technicians conducting field density tests on MDOT projects must be certified and maintain their certification through a program conducted or approved by the MDOT Geotechnical Services Section, Density Technology Unit. The Density Control Training and Certification program offered by Lawrence Technological University (LTU) and taught by MDOT staff is designed to meet the needs of transportation technicians and their supervisors to acquire and/or maintain this required certification.

Lawrence Technological University
The training courses will be held in Lawrence Tech’s new Transportation Materials Laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. Conveniently located in Southfield, LTU’s modern campus is easily accessed by freeway and offers plenty of free parking. Lunch can be purchased at the University’s all-you-care to eat cafeteria with multiple food stations. All classes are held 8.30 a.m.–4.30 p.m. daily.

MDOT Density Control Training
The Course
The four-day course consists of three days of instruction and hands-on laboratory training and one day of testing. Course topics include:

1. Introduction to compaction and density testing
2. Density Tests

     a. The One-Point T-99 Test
     b. The AASHTO T-99 Test
     c. The One-Point Michigan Cone Test
     d. The Michigan Cone Test
     e. The Michigan Modified T-180 Test
     f. The In-Place Density (Nuclear) Test
     g. Speedy Moisture Test

3. Documentation Requirement

Participants must successfully complete both the written and practical parts of the examination to receive the MDOT Density Control Certification.

Part 1 – Written Portion
The open-book examination consists of multiple choice questions covering the fundamentals of density control on soil subgrade, aggregate bases, and asphalt materials. Basic mathematical skills, such as use of fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages, are required.

Part 2 – Practical Portion
The exam requires participants to give verbal descriptions of field tests and demonstrate competency in performing the Michigan Cone, One-Point T-99, T-180, Speedy Moisture, and In-Place Density (Nuclear) tests.

MDOT Density Control Recertification
Recertification is required every three to five years depending upon the initial training. LTU also offers recertification courses. The two-day course consists of a one-day refresher workshop and an exam day. The recertification exam has written and practical sections similar to the certification exam. Get the MDOT Density Manual here...   


MDOT Density Control Certification Course    
Date Exam  
January 27-29
March 23-25
January 30
March 26
MDOT Density Control Recertification Course    
Date  Exam  
January 30
March 26
January 31
March 27

MDOT Training (four-day course including exam) $725.00
MDOT Density Control Recertification (two-day course including exam) $525.00

MDOT Certification
Course Coordinator

Nishantha Bandara, PhD, PE
Associate Professor
LTU Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering



Aggregate inspection training, Level 1 and Level 2 will be offered at Lawrence Technological University in partnership with Ferris State University. 
Please visit the link below for information regarding scheduling and registration.

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