Human Participant Testing Equipment

testing equipment

  • A new Biomechanics Laboratory (1300 sq. ft.) was custom designed as part of the 2016 Taubman Complex building.
  • Vicon three dimensional (3D) optical motion analysis system for gait analysis, biomechanical tissue testing, and 3D computer generated animation, including 10 Bonita cameras, and a Basler high speed reference video camera, with Nexus, Polygon and Plug In Gait software.
  • Two Kistler portable, multicomponent, force platforms with built-in amplifiers and external control units to specify the operating sensitivity/maximum force level. The forceplates are digitized by the Vicon system to determine the relevant Ground Reaction Force (GRF) vectors needed for the analysis of human movement.
  • Delsys® Trigno 16-channel, wireless sensor system with a variety of physiological monitoring sensors, including; surface electromyography (EMG), 3-axis accelerometers and/or, electrocardiography (EKG) electrodes. The wireless capability allows the muscle’s action potential and body segment’s movement data to be transmitted (over 100 ft) to the base station using a 2.4 GHz RF communication protocol. The digital data is transferred via USB to the computer and then recorded and analysed with Delsys EMGworks software. Or alternatively, the EMG voltage can be synced through the Vicon system to simultaneously record the 3D motions, GRF and EMG simultaneously during a human biomechanics experiment.

    Guy jumping off bench guy in light suit

    A BME senior projects group, working with Dr. Meyer
    to test their knee brace during a jump landing.

    Principles of Computer Animation students doing motion
    capture of various character movements for 3D animation.