Tissue and Cell Biomechanics Equipment

  • Center for Innovative Materials Research (2000 sq. ft.) - part of the College of Engineering with multiple screw-axis, hydraulic and electro-mechanical testing machines that can be used for biomechanical testing. The many MTS/Instron materials testing machines have varying force/strain measurement capabilities and fixtures, including an ElectroPlus E1000, biaxial (tension/compression & torsion) electro-mechanical testing machine with Instron Advanced Video Extensometer.
  • Tissue preparation and storage facilities (150 sq. ft.), including a wet lab with -20°C freezer, refrigerator, extraction hood.
  • Loading fixtures for tension/compression, bending and torsion experiments with accompanying environmental chambers/water bath. Customized test fixtures are designed and fabricated on-site.
  • Pressure sensitive film for measuring contact pressures and areas during loading.
  • Tissue Engineering laboratory (300 sq. ft.) with preparation and culture facilities, including a sterile CO2 incubator, laminar flow culture hood, and tissue engineering equipment.
  • Cell culture laboratory (300 sq. ft.) with cell storage, preparation and culture facilities with sterile CO2 incubators, laminar flow culture hoods, waterbath, centrifuge, vortex mixers, oven, hot plate, mass balance hoods and incubators, autoclaves, culture media/growth factors, biochemical assays and a microplate reader
  • Imaging capabilities, including; histology preparation, optical microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, atomic force microscopy and environmental scanning electron microscopy (eSEM).

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Research approaches for studying sports
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