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Dr. Wisam Bukaita
P 248-204-3560
E wbukaita@ltu.edu
O S110

Dr. Wisam Bukaita

Experience in Teaching (LTU and elsewhere): 12 years at Baghdad University + 3 years at LTU

Experience in Industry (years and positions): Researcher 5 years, Designer 5 years, Site engineer 5 years, Project planner using Primavera 3 years.

Level of Education (dates and locations):

B. Sc University of Technology 1993.

M. Sc Baghdad University 1999

Ph. D Baghdad University 2006

M. Sc Lawrence Tech 2013

Areas of Interest (what do you love to teach):

All math classes and my favorite classes are Calculus 1, Differential Equations,

Applied Calculus and Differential Equations.

Research interest

Applied math in engineering field using differential equations modeling to solve real engineering problems.

Dr. Bukaita obtained his BS, MS and PhD degrees in civil engineering from Baghdad University before he came to US. He completed a MS degree in Civil Engineering in LTU to widen his US-based experience before entering the US job market. He earned the master in a very short time. While completing his master degree at Lawrence tech, he was recruited by the AAC as a tutor in mathematics and civil engineering courses. The Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department at Lawrence Tech hired him as a teacher assistant in 2012 then an assistant professor in 2013. The adjunct professor positions he received in 2013 testifies for his progress.  Dr. Wisam is currently instructing a graduate course, Advanced Structures, in Civil Engineering Department, undergraduate courses: math classes in Math department, Introduction to Physics, in Physics Department, and Writing Proficiency Exam’s grader in Humanities Department, tutor at AAC, and the Architecture department hired him to start teach Basic Structure in spring 2017.

Dr. Bukaita has a high interest in the mathematical and analytical background of procedures he use to evaluate and design structures. He has developed one of the most thorough and analytical thesis as a part of his master degree. His research was entitled "Development of Analytical Design Procedures for Tapered Columns". A lot of this research was extremely analytical and mathematical. The rest of the research focused on modifications to the AISC design equations for column buckling considering residual stresses that develop from the fabrication procedure. He worked as a co-instructor and grader in multiple courses. Dr. Bukaita has adapted well to the environment at Lawrence Tech, and he loves teaching in both Colleges, the College of Engineering and the College of Art and science. He is very dedicated to the university and is always on top of his responsibilities.

He is working as a Consulting services as a Subject Matter Expert with the LearningMat Solution company to help develop math course materials and the textbook publishing industry with several publishers including Pearson, Cengage, Elsevier and Wiley to build quality print and digital products.

Finally, Dr. Bukaita is one of the nominees for the 2016 LTU Teaching and Learning Using Technology Award. The award recognizes a faculty member for their innovative use of technology to support teaching strategies and student learning experiences.

Dr. Bukaita believes that “Theories without applications are like planting seeds on shallow soil. If you want your planted seeds to be fruited, you should plant deeply and follow up with your plants until it will be fruited.” He believe that the instructor responsibilities are not just teaching, but it should go over, to immerse the given concepts in some applications from real world situations.

Teaching Experience
3 years at Lawrence Technological University
12 years at Baghdad University

Industry Experience in Industry
Researcher 5 years
Designer 5 years
Site engineer 5 years
Project planner using Primavera
3 years

Bachelor of Science, University of Technology, 1993
Master of Science, Baghdad University, 1999
Ph.D, Baghdad University, 2006
Master of Science, Lawrence Technological University, 2013

Areas of Interest
All math classes and my favorite classes are Calculus 1, Differential Equations, Applied Calculus and Differential Equations.

Research interest
applied math in engineering field using differential equations modeling to solve real engineering problems.


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