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 Cameron Beyer
P 248.204.3560
E cbeyer@ltu.edu
O S110

Cameron Beyer

Math + Computer Science

Adjunct Faculty

Teaching Experience
Started teaching undergraduate Computer Science courses at LTU as of Fall 2015 on an adjunct basis

Experience in Industry
1 year as a Ford College Graduate in Ford IT
1 year penetration testing and Android security auditing at Research into Internet Systems (RIIS)
Currently serving as a Software Engineer in the automotive industry at NNG North America

BSCS, LTU, Spring 2015
MSCS, LTU, Spring 2015

Areas of Interest
Currently teaching Introduction to Computer Science (C), Computer Science 1 (C++).  Ideally, my passion lies in Web Development, both front-end (AngularJS) and back-end (NodeJS).  More generally, designing and implementing APIs and architecting projects.

Research interests
HTML5, WebSockets, cloud computing, cryptography, streaming video, security, mobile applications

I am a Lawrence Tech alumnus (class of 2015), and am excited to continue building LTU's reputation as an innovative, hands-on place to learn.  I enjoy helping students understand how to design and write efficient code in high-level programming languages.  My hobbies include tinkering with the latest Web technologies and development tools.  I look forward to working with LTU students and faculty alike in facing new challenges and opportunities.


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