graduate students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Lawrence Technological University!

We are happy that you have selected LTU to continue your education. There is no formal orientation program for graduate students, but it is highly recommended that you contact your academic advisor to help determine the best semester schedule. Your acceptance packet, which was sent by postal mail, includes information about how to contact your academic advisor, as well as how to register online through Banner Web. You can also find a list of graduate program directors below. For more information about registering for courses through BannerWeb and using other LTU information systems, please click here.


College of Architecture & Design

Program Contact Phone Email
All Programs Alice McHard 248.204.2834


College of Arts & Sciences

Program Program Director Phone Email
MSCS Dr. Glen Bauer 248.204.3532
MSTPC Prof. Corinne Stavish 248.204.3656
MSE/MET Dr. Valentina Tobos 248.204.3617


College of Engineering

Program Program Director Phone Email
MCE/MSCE/MCEM/MSFE Dr. Keith Kowalkowski 248.204.2545
MSME Dr. Badih Jawad
Dr. Selin Arslan
MSECE Dr. Phil Olivier 248.204.2543
MSAE Dr. Kingman Yee 248.204.2582
MSMSE Dr. James Mynderse 248.204.2577
MEM Dr. Daw Alwerfalli 248.204.2580
MSBIOM Dr. Gerald LeCarpentier 248.204.2562
MSIE Dr. Ahad Ali 248.204.2531
MSET Dr. Sabah Abro 248.204.2069
PhD in Civil Engineering Dr. Keith Kowalkowski 248.204.2545
DE in Mechanical Engineering Dr. Badih Jawad 248.204.2572


College of Management

Program Contact Phone Email
All Programs Mina Jena 248.204.3071


For questions or more information please contact the Office of Admissions at 248.204.3160. You may also email