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Welcome to University Housing! We are excited that you are interested in living on campus for your time here at Lawrence Tech.

We are very excited you are interested in living in housing for the school year. If you have not yet applied to live in housing, you must apply by filling out the housing application using your Slate account through the Office of Admissions. Click here to fill out your application now! Please note, you will be expected to pay the $250 housing deposit at the time you apply.

The $250 housing deposit is an out of pocket cost and cannot be paid with financial aid. This becomes your housing security deposit while you live in housing and it will be refunded when you move out, as long as you do not have a balance on your student account. 

All first year students will be placed in our new residence hall, East Hall. 

If you are a transfer or new graduate student, please make sure you rank your housing choices appropriately, and keep in mind the cost differences. Please note, these are preferences, we will place students based on what spaces are available.