Living Learning Communities
Living Learning Communities in Reuss Hall will provide you the chance to connect with your peers through common interest areas. These communities provide the unique opportunity for sophomores and juniors to participate in focused events and programs, interact with faculty, explore the metro-Detroit area and gain invaluable experience to prepare for future careers. Living in a Living Learning Community during your time at Lawrence Tech will not only be a fun and enjoyable experience, but also allows the opportunity to build a closer connection to your peers and the university, dig deeper into your interest areas, and may even lead you to a higher GPA.

Fine ArtsFine Arts
Those who join the Fine Arts Community will interact with those who enjoy both visual and performing
arts. By participating in this community, students will have the opportunity to collaborate and share
experiences with peers, attend arts programming, and expand their scope as it relates to all fine arts
areas. In addition to building a greater appreciate for the arts, participants will engage with faculty,
learn how art can be a stress relief, share with others and engage with the community.

Gender Inclusive Gender Inclusive
The Gender Inclusive Housing Community allows any student at the university to sign up to live in a
shared room, regardless of students’ sex or gender. Bathrooms in this community are also gender
neutral. Gender Inclusive Housing is intended to provide a welcoming, safe and supportive community
for all students. In addition to engaging with peers in the community, students in the community will
have the opportunity to attend programs on focused on inclusivity and diversity, interact with guest
speakers and faculty, and visit local centers and museums.
Global ConnectionsGlobal Connections
Through this community, students from all backgrounds will have the chance to live together and engage with one another. This community provides the opportunity for both domestic and international students to connect, share cultural experiences, and learn more about interacting in a global society. Through this community, students will also have the chance to interact with faculty and prepare for careers with a global focus and perspective. Programs offered will include trips to local museums and fairs, socials, culture shock conversations, holiday celebrations and more.
Health and WellnessHealth and Wellness
The Health and Wellness Community is focused on helping students to make healthy lifestyle choices in all aspects of life. From personal fitness to intellectual and spiritual wellness, this community will cover it all. Student living in this community will have the chance to participate in events and hold one another accountable to meeting lifestyle goals. Activities in the community main include 5K run/walks, yoga and meditation, ice skating, intramural participation, stress relief and relaxation and much more.

The Leadership community will provide the opportunity for participants to learn more about their leadership style and leadership skills needed to influence society. By interacting with faculty and participating in events, students will learn to understand more about their leadership strengths and ways to implement their knowledge in the classroom. In addition to engaging with faculty and staff, participants in this community will have the chance to meet with local community leaders and business professionals to discuss leadership skills and business practice. By collaborating with one another and learning more about group dynamics, students will learn the skills necessary to take on coveted leadership positions both on campus and in society.

Sustainability Sustainability
Are you interested in learning more about the environment and how our choices can make an impact? Those that join the sustainability community will have the opportunity to learn more about sustainability efforts both on campus and in the community, interact with faculty, and study the impact of activities on the environment. Those in the community will have the opportunity to volunteer, work with composting and campus garden initiatives, visit shopping markets and local businesses, and much more.