MiRA Conference Programming Pillars

Constructing your Castle

Inclusive Community Building

It is important as an RA to create a community that is welcoming and including.  Programs in this category will cater to the ways that RAs can promote connections between residents and build relationships.  Every resident is different; we as RAs can stimulate their leadership skills and promote healthy relationships. By doing this, we can help them graduate with skills they can use in the business world and in their communities. Programs may contain themes such as student identity, diversity, leadership, relationship building, social activities, and more.

Developing your Character

Personal RA Development

As an RA it is very easy to over-work yourself causing stress and lack of time. Learning how to take a little time for yourself, reflect, and relax as well as getting tips on how to manage your time can go a long way.  This category will focus on time management, RA personal development, stress relief, etc.

Don’t Flunk out of your Fairytale

Academic Support

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there were thousands of overworked and stressed college students. Part of being an RA is helping students learn how to take on college and be successful in their future careers.  Connecting residents to the plethora of on campus resources available to us and providing some “tips and tricks” we have learned along the way can help students reach their full potential. Programs in this category may contain themes such as stress management, study habits, tutoring, and career preparation.

Mirror, Mirror on your Wall

iProgramming: Programming with Technology

In this fast-paced world, we all have one thing in common- technology.  It is the center of our careers and part of our everyday lives.  As an RA, we can use the resources at our disposal to innovate our programs, advertising and relationship building.  Part of using technology is also understanding that some personality types are drawn towards technology more than personal relationships.  This category may contain programs related to using social media, technology-based programs and understanding our less sociable students.