Emergency Work Orders

Residents are advised to go to the information desk if they have an Emergency Work Order:

  • Any water leaking into the room
  • Any water leaking within the room
  • Heat does not work
  • Broken or missing window
  • A non-secure entry door

Online Work Order

If a resident has any issues with their room, they may put in a work order for their room in the University Housing Work Order Form.

Please be advised that residents may have to wait for assistance for work orders. Students should never attempt to fix any problem in the room. They should place a work order in the online Work Order system.

Any problems that residents do not report become the residents’ responsibility. If damage occurs because a resident failed to report the problem in a timely manner, the resident will be charged. Students may be liable for a charge if they necessitate any unusual housekeeping or maintenance service. Students may be liable for negligence penalties if they do not report problems which result in larger problems.

Additional Work Orders

If any laundry machines are out in Donley Hall, please place a work order. If they are out in South or Reuss, please go to the Information Desk or the RA on duty as they will place the work order and take appropriate action.

Any issues with Internet access should go through the Help Desk for further assistance.

Any issues with Cable should put in a work order. An RA or maintenance staff will inspect the situation and will determine appropriate action.