Thursday, 18 of September of 2014

MSTPC Graduate Gathering 2013

On February 21, over 20 graduate students, Advisory Board members, alumni, faculty and prospective students in the Master of Science in Technical and Professional Communication gathered at Professor Corinne Stavish’s home for the annual, Whine, Wine and Cheese event. All agreed it was “the best ever.”

The conversation was continuous, the laughter hearty and the food plentiful. The most impressive part was that everyone rotated around the house and met and spoke with lots of people. One prospective student noted how caring and friendly the participants seemed. Alums spoke of their jobs and offered to post notices of upcoming employment on the MSTPC LinkedIn site. A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Certificate in Technical and Professional Communication to Kiana Doggan. Advisory Board Co-Presidents Melissa Morof and Greg Evans noted that they want to continue to see students included in future Advisory Board meetings.

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