Leadership is not about changing the mindset of a group, but in the cultivation of an environment that brings out the best and inspires the individuals in that group.” 

– Arthur F. Carmazzi

The Leadership Curriculum Task Force was a group of university constituents who met regularly during a period of nine months to discuss what should be implemented in the university-wide leadership program. During this time, committee members consulted leadership training resources and benchmarked other universities in the U.S. that have in place some type of leadership curriculum.

When the leadership program was outlined and ready to be implemented, the committee was restructured as the Leadership Curriculum Implementation Committee (LCIC). The LCIC monitors the development of the Leadership Programs and advises the Coordinator of Leadership Programs on curriculum implementation. Committee members review items for implementation and provide feedback as individuals and representatives of their respective areas at the university. The committee includes representation from each university division and academic program.

Committee Members

Andy Gerhart (Chair)
College of Engineering

Sara Molloy 
Student Leadership Development Coordinator

Gretchen Maricak
College of Architecture and Design

Shannon Timmons
College of Arts and Sciences