Regular evaluation activities comprise the foundation of a quality business program. The College of Management uses a variety of direct and indirect assessments to evaluate learning outcomes in undergraduate and graduate programs. Results of assessment activities are continuously reviewed by the college and corrective actions are taken when needed.

Assessment tools deployed by the college are listed below: 


Assessment Measures

Assurance of learning at a program level

  • Course-embedded traits
  • External ETS
  • Ethics case study

Mission and selected topics general student satisfaction

  • Focus groups

Heuristic capture of student preparation for capstone

  • Observations of capstone experience

EBI Graduate Survey

  • EBI Graduates

EBI Alumni Survey

  • EBI Alumni survey

LTU Graduating Survey

  • All Graduates in the College of Management

Formal Review of curricula

  • Review of curricula

Faculty teaching, research and service

  • Annual reviews

Student satisfaction with course content, materials, evaluation of instructor & methods

Retention Studies

  • Midterm course evaluation and end-of-term course evaluation
  • Exit Interviews, University Data, etc.