The Lawrence Tech Student Government recommends the following procedure for students who have suggestions and complaints:

Individual Academic Concerns

Discuss the problem with the instructor. If this does not prove satisfactory, see the chair of the department, followed in turn by the dean of the college. Further appeal may be made to the Office of the Provost.

Group Academic Concerns

Contact the dean of the pertinent college with group academic concerns. Alternately, the group may contact the dean of students and, lastly, the Office of the Provost.

Academic counseling and tutorial services are available through the department offices and from the Academic Achievement Center.

Non-Academic Concerns

Contact the director or head of the department or office responsible for the specific concern. If uncertain as to who has responsibility, contact the Office of the Dean of Students. Suggestions of broad appeal or University-wide impact may also be presented to the Student Government for possible support and action.

President’s Open Door

The president of the University maintains an open door policy. If, after following the aforementioned procedures, a problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, make arrangements with the president’s executive assistant to see the president.