Lawrence Tech assumes its responsibility to maintain order in all of its operations. To this end, social events are subject to the following regulations and all other University regulations intended to ensure safety and order.

1. Social events include dances, parties, mixers, and similar events sponsored by student groups and student organizations.

2. Such events will be open to University students. These events may not be open to the public except by special invitation and with prior approval by the Office of Student Engagement and the dean of students.

3. If there is an admission charge for the event, all revenues collected must be deposited into an account of the student organization, a business organization, or through a University account. Under no circumstances may revenues be deposited into the personal account of an individual.

4. The director of campus safety will be responsible for determining the number of security personnel to be assigned to the event, if any. The nature of the event, location, expected attendance, beverages served, sponsoring organization, and other events, which may be occurring simultaneously, will be among the factors considered in assigning security. The security personnel will pay special attention to the surrounding campus area during and after the social event. Costs for additional security personnel may be incurred by the sponsoring student group or student organization at the discretion of the director of campus safety or the dean of students.

5. Student groups and student organizations sponsoring social events are responsible for abiding by all relevant University policies, procedures, and regulations, including:

a. Timely contact with the Office of Student Engagement, Campus Dining, Campus Facilities, and Campus Safety to secure facilities and equipment and arrange catering if desired.

b. Completing the required forms with the Office of Student Engagement.

c. Conducting a safe and orderly event and cooperating with security personnel and Student Engagement personnel to uphold event procedures.

d. Assuring that only University students or other approved guests participate in the event.

e. If there is an admission fee, overseeing the collection of the fee and proper deposit of funds.

f. Paying all bills and related charges associated with the event.

6. Failure to comply with the above regulations or any other relevant University regulation will be cause for the offending student organization to lose the privilege of use of University facilities and possibly their registration status. Questions of this nature which arise will be reviewed by the dean of students, the director of campus safety, and the Office of Student Engagement, who will jointly determine whether an offense occurred and the duration, if applicable, of the loss of the use of facilities.

7. These policies may be complemented by special directives of the Office of Student Engagement or the dean of students, and/or by special facility policies and procedures.