Chair and Director of Assessment

Dr. Sabah Abro
(Engineering Technology)

College of Architecture & Design
Architecture Prof. Dan Faoro
Art & Design Prof. Steve Coy
College of Arts & Sciences  
Mathematics & Computer Science Dr. Chris Cartwright
Natural Sciences Dr. Changgong Zhou
Humanities, Social Sciences & Communication Prof. Sara Lamers
College of Engineering  
Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering Dr. Nicole Annis-Alajaj
Biomedical Engineering Dr. Eric Meyer
Electrical & Computer Engineering Dr. Jinjun Xia
Engineering Technology Mr. Jerry Cuper
Mechanical Engineering Dr. Andrew Gerhart
College of Management  
Management Dr. Matthew Cole
Ex-Officio Members  
Assistant Provost Mr. Jim Jolly
Director of Institutional Research & Academic Planning                                   Ms. Mallory Kuhn
Director of eLearning Services Dr. Lynn Miller-Wietecha