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College Faculty180 Support Staff

College support staff work with the implementation team to provide support to faculty members:

  • Architecture & Design - Alice McHard, Gayle Schaeff, Sally Ilg, Kate Roy
  • Arts & Sciences - Marilyn Wiseman, Joyce McKissen, Tracy Kash-Thomas, Yi Feng, Penelope Morris
  • Engineering - Tammy Botzen, Bridgett Bailiff, Reka Dobbins, Sandra Wheeler, Katie Pretty, Leah Ruff
  • Management - Donna Kress

Faculty members should consult with your department chairs or College support staff if you have any questions about using Faculty180. Faculty members can also send an e-mail message to provost@ltu.edu if you have any questions about Faculty180 that cannot be resolved at the College or Department level.

The LTU Help Desk can answer questions about login and access to the system by sending an e-mail message to helpdesk@ltu.edu

University Support Team

  • Jim Jolly, Office of the Provost, Project Manager
  • Tim Chavis, IT Service Delivery
  • Larry Chesnutt, Institutional Research
  • Karen Emerson, Office of the Provost
  • Donna Kress, College of Management
  • Debbie Przybylo, Office of the Provost