Higher Learning Commission Reaccreditation

Lawrence Tech is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Commission last visited Lawrence Tech in October 2010 for our ten-year reaccreditation review. The University's Self-Study Steering Committee coordinated University-wide efforts to support the accreditation process. Lawrence Tech prepared a comprehensive Self-Study demonstrating the University's progress against the commission's criteria for accreditation. The Self-Study Overview provides information on HLC accreditation criteria, the peer review process, and timeline. The University also submitted two requests for institutional changes for new doctorial programs and online degree programs. 

Self Study (link)

Self Study (Print)

Evidence Repository

Site Visit Team

  • Dr. Donald M. Bird (Team Chair), Professor of Chemistry, United States Air Force Academy
  • Dr. Ruth A. Dyer, Associate Provost/Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Kansas State University
  • Dr. Thomas C. Hagovsky, Associate Professor, Aviation Technology, Purdue University
  • Dr. Terry B. Smith, Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, Columbia College
  • Dr. Arthur E. Snyder, President, Indiana Institute of Technology

Lawrence Tech 2010 Self-Study Steering Committee

The Self-Study process was led by Associate Provost Alan McCord. College representatives to the Self-Study Steering Committee were:

  • Chair, Alan McCord
  • College of Architecture and Design: Dale Gyure
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Valentina Tobos
  • College of Engineering: Lew Frasch
  • College of Management: Patty Castelli

Self-Study Principles

  • Provide evidence of alignment of institutional mission with institutional outcomes (assurance section).
  • Provide evidence that the institution can sustain its mission (advancement section).
  • Demonstrate linkages between long-term initiatives, student learning outcomes, and operations.
  • Engage the entire University community in the accreditation process.