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Spring 2018 Offerings

Be inspired. Enhance your skills. Learn the latest teaching methodologies for incorporating STEM into your lessons. These four dynamic, interactive workshops, presented by LTU professors, qualify for State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs), are only $20 per session, and include lunch. Register here

March 16 - 17, 2018

Instructors: Steven Coy, Meaghan Markiewicz, Philip Plowright

Design thinking refers to the creative strategies designers use to solve complex problems. Explore design thinking techniques and methods you can implement in your classroom through interactive activities focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving skills, experimentation, enhancing rigor and storytelling.

April 13–14, 2018

Instructor:  Dr. Andrew Gerhart

Active and Collaborative Learning and Problem-Based Learning techniques are highly effective in developing students’ content and process skills. Learn new strategies to promote active learning and problem-solving in your classroom from a professor who was instrumental in transforming LTU’s undergraduate engineering curriculum.

May 25–26, 2018

Instructors: LaVetta Appleby and Dr. Fauzia Siddiq

Engage your students with lively lessons in the popular field of forensic science. You’ll learn active learning methodologies focused on finger printing, hair and fiber analysis, pH testing, and blood typing.

June 1–2, 2018

Instructors: Dr. Eric Meyer and Dr. Mansoor Nasir

The maker movement, part of the do-it-yourself trend in which people create marketable products, can inspire your students to engineer their own products while incorporating STEM principles. Learn how to employ active learning pedagogies to develop your students’ skills in tackling a real-world need.

Additional Professional Development Workshops

Several professional development (PD) workshops are offered to K-12 educators throughout the year. These workshops include Forensic Science for Educators, Hands-on Science and Active-Collaborative Learning (ACL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) methodologies for classroom instruction.

Forensic Science for Educators

Interested in developing a forensic science course in your school? Want to learn how to set up a "crime scene"? Need more information about forensic techniques? CSI:Lawrence Tech, designed for educators, can help you develop your coursework, engage your students, and teach forensic science using an integrated science approach. You will work alongside police officers and experts trained in forensic science. See more information hereClick here to register for the workshop.

Hands-on Science

The Hands on Science workshop for DPSCD science teachers is a result of the partnership between DPSCD and LTU.  This workshop is an innovative approach of conveying science concepts to K12 teachers by doing hands on science activities.  Teachers attended the 2nd annual 1-day workshop held in the Science bldg. on May 20th. They explored inquiry based science activities that focused on the matter and DNA. Teachers explored traits, adaptations, and the structure and properties of the DNA molecule. For more information, please contact LaVetta Appleby, lappleby@ltu.edu.

Active-Collaborative Learning (ACL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to Active and Collaborative Learning (ACL) and Problem-based Learning (PBL) techniques which are proven as highly effective pedagogies to develop both content and process skills for students at any age-level.