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Allies On Campus

Becoming a Listed Ally at Lawrence Tech

Below is the list of those who have completed Project Safe Training and indicated they are comfortable being identified as a campus ally.

To learn more about what it means to be an ally of the LGBT community please visit the Allies page.


List of Allies On Campus 

Laura Affer
Title: International Student Advisor
Department: International Programs
Office: TAUB C405
Phone: 248.204.4111

Kevin Finn
Title: Dean of Students
Department: Student Affairs
Office: TAUB C405
Phone: 248.204.4100

Cyndi McMichael
Title: Executive Director of Student Affairs
Department: International Programs
Office: TAUB C405
Phone: 248.204.4109

Kim Osantowski
Title: Director of Residence Life
Department: University Housing
Office: TAUB C405
Phone: 248.204.3943

Dr. Melinda Phillips
Associate Professor of English
Department: Humanities, Social Science and Communication
Office: ARTS S225
Phone: 248.204.3520

Dr. Scott Schneider
Title: Associate Professor of Physics
Department: Natural Sciences
Office: ARTS S234
Phone: 248.204.3545