Student Government Committees

Elections Committee: (Spring)

Handles University-wide elections pertaining to the Student Government parties that run during the spring semester for office. Also operates a student wide voting program to elect the new party.


Honors and Awards Committee: (Spring)

Arranges for the presentation and budget of Student Government awards at the annual Honors and Awards Banquet.


Publications Committee: (Year round)

Handles publicity for Student Government, including the Devil’s Advocate Newspaper and communicating to the Tech News and the Office of Marketing and Public Affairs.


Winterfest Committee: (Fall)

Plans the Winterfest events that take place in the early spring semester.


Homecoming Committee: (Spring/Summer)

Plans the Homecoming events that take place in the early fall semester.

Student Government Functions

Student Organization Subsidy Grants

Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) are invited to present money requests to the Senate for their organizations programs and events.

In order to receive funds from Student Government, the Money Request Form must be filled out before 1:00pm on the Monday prior to a Student Government meeting. Late requests will be pushed to the next available meeting. All requests are reviewed by the Treasurer.

RSO's may request monies as follows:

  1. Money requests may not be requested for the enture budget of an event, for food for a meeting, or for the benefit of a sole organization.
  2. Philanthropic and cultural events open to the university that are sponsored by one (1) organization will be limited to $200.
  3. Special money requests which promote teamwork and collaboration, contribute to the University and community, build responsibility and citizenship, and develop campus tradition will be limited to $500.
  4. For every $200 in additional money requested between $200, but not exceeding $500, an additional registered student organization must co-sponsor.
  5. Money requests may only be paid in a reimbursement fashion. No cash advances will be granted.  Receipts of expenses related to the request must be submitted to the Treasurer no later than two business meetings from the date of the granting of the request and never later than the last day of final exams in the Spring Semester.


Student Leadership Awards Banquet

Held annually, the awards banquet honors students in various student organizations, student leaders, and students who have excelled academically; including the distinguished Lambda Iota Tau inductions.