Alyssa Melotik

Alyssa Melotik - President

Major: Industrial design
Year: 4th year
Hometown: Troy, MI
Orgs: Lacrosse

My favorite thing about LTU is being able to play a sport at a college level but also have my schoolwork put first. (Also meeting Waka Flocka and Lil Dicky)

Mateusz Gibiec

Mateusz Gibiec – Vice President

Major: Major: Computer Engineering with a Certificate of Embedded System
Year: Junior
Hometown: Goleszow, Poland 
Orgs: LTU Student Government, Varsity Men's Soccer, LTU Philanthropy

Favorite thing about LTU: I really like that the school keeps on developing and looking for various opportunities to help the students get their degree in best possible conditions.

Nicholas Cuatt

Nicholas Cuatt – VP of Finance

Major: Mechanical engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Holland, Michigan
Orgs: Student Government

My favorite thing about LTU is that professors strive to push group oriented projects to students, which teaches us the importance of proper communication and collaboration.

Martin Hoemke

Martin Hoemke – VP of External Affairs

Major: Civil Engineering
Year: Third
Hometown: Macomb, MI
Orgs: Student Government, Swing, Pep Band

Favorite thing about LTU: I love being able to know almost everyone in my classes since the university is so small.

Paige Holcomb

Paige Holcomb – VP of Programming

Major: Architecture 
Year: Senior 
Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan 
Orgs: Lacrosse, AIAS

Favorite thing about LTU: Great friends, and great faculty

Gabe O’Neil

Gabe O’Neil – VP of Public Relations

Major: Media Communications
Year: Senior
Hometown: Madison Heights, MI
Orgs: Men’s Lacrosse and Blue Devil Broadcasting

Favorite thing about LTU: The Rfoc chicken sandwiches.

Cody Hoeffel

Cody Hoeffel – Parliamentarian

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Royal Oak, MI
Orgs: AIAA, ASME, SAE Aero Competition Team, SSA, Student Senate

Favorite thing about LTU: The small size, I can't go around campus without seeing a familiar face.